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Hypocrisy on Al Franken

Remember in 2003 when Arnold Schwarzenegger was trying to replace Gray Davis as Governor of California, and Republicans were all up in arms about having an entertainer with such a vulgar body of work running for office (not to mention his famous interview in Oui magazine talking about the orgies and drug use he used to participate in).

Oh right, there was no outrage because he was a Republican, and everyone realized that he was an entertainer in his prior career, not a politician.

But apparently Al Franken's career as an entertainer is now reflective of his potential as a politician. And the alleged "vulgarity and viciousness" of his humor makes him inappropriate to serve in the U.S. Senate (even though his humor was good enough for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan on Franken's seven USO tours).

And the worst part is the way his jokes are misinterpreted - take this one quoted in Gerson's article:
Why don't we focus on what Afghan women can do? They can cook, bear children and pray. As I recall, that was fine for our grandmothers.
Republicans are claiming that he is mocking the plight of Afghan women. But, given that he was addressing the Feminist Majority at the time, it seems pretty clear that he was mocking the Taliban and their backwards views on women.

I know Franken is an easy target because of his past in entertainment, but let's try to at least keep our senses of humor sharp enough to understand the jokes we are criticizing.



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