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Crazy Supporters

Let's make a deal as a country. Let's agree not to judge the candidates based on the fact that they have some supporters who hold distasteful ideas. So, conservative bloggers, if you would agree to not jump on Obama for the fact that a very small number of his supporters may be anti-Semitic, I think we can get liberal bloggers to forego raining down on McCain when some of his supporters inevitably publish racist things.

Oh, it's on his official website you say so he should take it down, well then how can you turn around and give him a hard time for doing just that.

And as a Jewish individual (and I don't pull the "as a Jewish individual" card lightly), I would appeal to the Jewish community to stop assuming the worst about Obama. He's gone out of his way to reassure Jews that he is sufficiently supportive of Israel and doesn't harbor any of the anti-semitic idea of a guy like Louis Farrahan.

And it doesn't make us look good as a community. We are smart enough to know the differences between different types of brown people (African is not the same as Arab . . . and on a related note, Muslim is not the same as Arab).

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At August 2, 2008 at 3:22 AM , Blogger NG said...

I haven't followed this closely, but isn't most of the Jewish unease about Obama because he portrays himself as a man of the Left, rather than because Jews think he's a crypto-Muslim?


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